Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

so PITY woman

i feel so tired and emo todayyy..,
my back feels so sick that i wanna shout at someone to jump on my back..
that's what women feel when they will have pipp..
in a month , women feel fit 7 days..feel tired 10 days..feel sick 7 days..
n feel like wanna cry or anything else for the rest 10 days..
include wanna punch their own face for any pimples that show up..
okay, that's a little bit hyper.

i'm having the section 2 now..n feel sooooooo ergggggggggggghh...
i got mad at everything, got tired to do anything , even groaning at very small things..
feels like an old woman...very very uncomfortable to do anything,,

now i realized, that my 2 previuos post were because of this pipp..
and i'm so exhausted today ( my back made me so) , and this make those previous feeling even worse..
i feel like wanna quit everything i do.
even quit chatting with him..(usually i also need extra patient if i wanna chat with him, but today i don't have those extra patient n i also got angry with him. so nice.)
thing that i always enjoy if i'm not this sick..
everything made me very impatient today..
then i think it's a must for me to end the day now, and go get as much sleep as i can, so that no more victim killed by myself.

today's quote
"Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts."
~ Unknown

my dream be a great teacher. good teacher give inspiration not just lessons.
and become a success public accountant in big 4 public accounting office.
sometimes i think those dreams are "to high" for me.
but then i think.. dreaming is not a sin..
but we also need to act, not just talk and dreaming all the time..
pray for me.

thx for reading fellas...
wish u have a very very good day, not a day like i had..


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