Kamis, 31 Desember 2009

FIRST BLOG of 2010!

good morning fellas!
how's ur first day in 2010?
haha..hope u r in a good mood, can feel the good weather n could gather happily with ur family!
this is my live report from my bedroom, still in my pajamas, really happy on the first day of 2010! haha..hope this "happy" mood n joy could last along 2010!

btw, what is ur activity todaY?
i don't have any today, kinda bored u know..
if u r the same with me, no activity, don't let this bored situation get ur mood down!
just find a good book to accompany u today, (this what i gonna do i think, haha..)

okay..wish u (again) a very hapy new year! :) :)

Rabu, 30 Desember 2009


i'm pretty sure u won't deny these such mouth -watering Wishes :9 hohoho...

wish u a year full of love..
If God is the DJ, then Life is the dance floor; Love is the rhythm, and You are the music. ~
Life without love is a shadow of things that might be.

wish u a colorful, unique life..
Life's more amusing than we thought.
- Andrew Lang

wish u year full of laugh, hope n joy...
And we find at the end of a perfect day, The soul of a friend we've made.
- Carrie Jacobs Bond

wish u a healthy life..don't forget to exercise like i said before..haha..
He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.
- Arabian proverb

don't forget to matter how old u r... :)
Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.
- Karen Ravn quotes

this is not a food though..haha..
last but not least,
time flies, we grow ( i hate this, haha..), n things change..
but we must move on to the next level, n keep the positive attitude..
wish u a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!
God bless u more and more... :):)

LAST blog of 2009

myb this will b my last blog of 2009..
only less than 24 hours for us to fly to 2010! how fast it is!
i'm very happy could pass this year (successfully? haha)
first of all, wanna thx my God for all the love He has given to me in every second n every moment of my life..
w/o Him i'm not sure, i'm still here today, writing this blog with all my family sleep peacefully by my side.. :)

then, to end the year, this fantastic year if i can say,
the year that i enter uni,
the year that i realize how important it is to have friends by my side,
the year that fly to fast, to fantastic to pass, to go trough n to leave behind..
but its L.I.F.E..
time flies, we grow, n things change..
we must move to the next level, keep the positive attitude,
n make resolutions! haha..
have u made it??

i have..u can see it, in my previous blog.. :)
of course u may not only write it, then forget it. (this also apply to me! haha)
Resolution must motivate us and help us become better n better..
i wish all of us to get the best in every aspect of our life.
keep faith in God.
give thx for everything.

yeahh..give thx..i also realize this one as a very important thing this year.
have u thx God today that u have family by your side?
have u thx God today that u can walk, sit n breath?
have u thx God today that u have brother or sister in ur life?
we often forget to thx God for something that seems "little" , or " usual" , n seems like "everybody" can have it.
soo, don't forget to thx God from now on.. :)
n u will realize how much he LOVES u...

btw, i often feel lonely..
today, i read one of my friend's facebook status
" when you feel LONELY, try to be someone for OTHERS" : ) n
"when you feel LONELY, it's doesnt mean you are ALONE, you HAVE GOD, FRENs : )"
they touched me so deep,then i feel better after read n think of those stat. :)
remember these...and u will smile all along 2010 ..hehe..

above all..
L.O.V.E everyone that makes my life, so colorful..

Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

resolutions of 2010! :)

>my resolutions of 2010 ..dunno whether they will work or not..haha..

1.. serve God more n more with all my heart
2.. b more mature.(this is one of my resolution every i more mature now? hope i get "yes" answer for this question..haha..)
3.. eat healthier , live healthier..(include do sports. will b very difficult for me..haha..)
4.. Start saving for the future. ( such a big spender! need to work hard next year)
5..learn to manage my time better..( not online all the time? haha..)
6..learn to cook?
7..try to keep a positive attitude people in need. ( sometimes we keep on like " pretend not watching or not know"
9..wanna SMILE n laugh MORE! ( people who don't know me, will say my face is frightening..)
10.. do every point i write above..hahaha...

wishing u a very extraordinary HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends... :)
hope every action we take , become blesses for everyone!

Gbu more n more...

Selasa, 22 Desember 2009



God bless u abundantly...
xoxo :)

YUMMY christmas! ;9

wanna have christmas food like these?? i wish i could taste the first one! haha.. :9

Senin, 21 Desember 2009

Ending the year...

T.I.M.E flies so fast!
that's the only sentence i've to correctly mention bout' this year...hahaha..
don't you think the same way i think?

this year..for me have its own special meaning..for all aspect of my life..
full of laughter, n if i can say , becoming more mature too..if not, i hope this will happen next yearr.. ;p haha..

I finish my senior high school this year, n had an unforgettable farewell in Bali...

then i started the university life,by taking major in accounting, with a worried feeling..that's major taken after a veryyyyy long thought..haha..
i don't hate it..but i'm a person who can't stay behind the desk to do something quietly...(like a worm if u can say so) haha..
so yeahh..the uni life started with a worry feeling..
how if i can't do well at if i can't get the job i want..
how if i must stay behind the desk after i finish my uni for all of my life...
how melan i am..haha..

but u don't know something by feeling..
u must "taste" it by yourself, do it by yourself..n that's not that bad!
i L.O.V.E my uni life!
many friends with different culture, ( even if u r from the same region)..
n in the uni, u'll know what a true dilligent is..

n this year, 2009, i got my first job! yeyyyyyy...
i got two actually almost in the same time..
one , is in Jakarta fair, (where i meet my 'cadel' besties), n one as a piano teacher...the first one end successfully, with a satisfying result..but the other one ending so bad ( the student bit my hand..ouch..)..ok, that's about the first unforgettable job..

then, in the middle of the year i got a chance to serve God
at first i felt like i can do it..but..
then i realize, that's not something i could do by myself..
n i regreted it so much why i retrieve this such a big mission...
but i prayed, n realize that's God will never b wrong..
n i asked for His help to serve Him more n more..
i believe He will not let me walk alone, even the day, year n time goes on n on...

ok.that's the summary bout' my life this year...
today i had a farewell with my first term uni classmates..
they r my first classmates of uni, i will never forget them!
hope so... ;p hahaha..

n today i passed second interview to become an accounting tutor! yeyyyy...(hope my future student will not bite me anymore..scare about that if u know how strong BUT little they r)

H.E.A.R.T 2009 so much!

Jumat, 11 Desember 2009

SUKA, sayang , ato CINTA ??

Suka adalah saat kamu ingin memiliki seseorang. . .

Sayang adalah saat kamu ingin membahagiakan orang itu. . .

Dan cinta adalah saat kamu akan berkorban untuk orang itu . . .
Saat kamu bersedih dan menangis maka seseorang yg “menyukaimu” akan berkata ’sudahlah jgn menangis lg’
tp seseorang yg ‘menyayangi’ akan diam dan ikut menangis bersamamu . . .

Dan seseorang yg ‘mencintaimu’ akan membiarkanmu menangis dan menunggumu hingga tenang lalu berkata ‘mari kita selesaikan ini bersama’

saat seseorang yg menyukaimu berada disampingmu maka dia akan bertanya ‘bolehkah aku menciummu?’
tp seseorang yg menyayangimu maka dia akan berkata ‘biarkan aku memelukmu’

dan seseorang yg mencintaimu takkan berbicara..dia hanya akan selalu memegang erat tanganmu seakan dia takkan mau membiarkanmu terjatuh . . .

Saat kamu menyukai seseorang dan seseorang itu menyakitimu maka kamu akan marah dan takkan mau lg berbicara dengannya..
Tp jika kamu menyayangi seseorang dan seseorang itu menyakitimu maka kamu akan menangis karenanya..
Dan jika kamu mencintai seseorang dan seseorang itu menyakitimu maka kamu akan tersenyum walau itu pahit dan berkata ‘dia hanya belum tahu apa yg dia lakukan’

suka hanyalah keegoisan diri sendiri…
Sayang adalah memberi dan menerima..
Dan cinta adalah rela berkorban…

Suka hanya akan berbuat jika itu menyenangkan..
Sayang berbuat karena ingin selalu ada untuknya..Dan cinta berbuat karena tak ingin membuatnya terluka tak peduli bgaimana keadaan kita..

brasa ny mayan ngena yahh...
dan g sendiri bingung ni g ngerasa yang mana...

my first blog!

oohooo...akhirnya bkin account jg d blogger..n this is my first blog! yeyy..haha..stelah lama batal mulu gr2 net yg rese...
actually , writting is my passion..beside food..haha..
soo, kyakny bkal sering ni nge blog soal mkanan.. :9
n today i surf the net about cute food..
n voilaaa..
they r to cute to b eaten!

what's ur opinion? still wanna eat them? :9

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