Senin, 21 Desember 2009

Ending the year...

T.I.M.E flies so fast!
that's the only sentence i've to correctly mention bout' this year...hahaha..
don't you think the same way i think?

this year..for me have its own special meaning..for all aspect of my life..
full of laughter, n if i can say , becoming more mature too..if not, i hope this will happen next yearr.. ;p haha..

I finish my senior high school this year, n had an unforgettable farewell in Bali...

then i started the university life,by taking major in accounting, with a worried feeling..that's major taken after a veryyyyy long thought..haha..
i don't hate it..but i'm a person who can't stay behind the desk to do something quietly...(like a worm if u can say so) haha..
so yeahh..the uni life started with a worry feeling..
how if i can't do well at if i can't get the job i want..
how if i must stay behind the desk after i finish my uni for all of my life...
how melan i am..haha..

but u don't know something by feeling..
u must "taste" it by yourself, do it by yourself..n that's not that bad!
i L.O.V.E my uni life!
many friends with different culture, ( even if u r from the same region)..
n in the uni, u'll know what a true dilligent is..

n this year, 2009, i got my first job! yeyyyyyy...
i got two actually almost in the same time..
one , is in Jakarta fair, (where i meet my 'cadel' besties), n one as a piano teacher...the first one end successfully, with a satisfying result..but the other one ending so bad ( the student bit my hand..ouch..)..ok, that's about the first unforgettable job..

then, in the middle of the year i got a chance to serve God
at first i felt like i can do it..but..
then i realize, that's not something i could do by myself..
n i regreted it so much why i retrieve this such a big mission...
but i prayed, n realize that's God will never b wrong..
n i asked for His help to serve Him more n more..
i believe He will not let me walk alone, even the day, year n time goes on n on...

ok.that's the summary bout' my life this year...
today i had a farewell with my first term uni classmates..
they r my first classmates of uni, i will never forget them!
hope so... ;p hahaha..

n today i passed second interview to become an accounting tutor! yeyyyy...(hope my future student will not bite me anymore..scare about that if u know how strong BUT little they r)

H.E.A.R.T 2009 so much!

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