Rabu, 30 Desember 2009

LAST blog of 2009

myb this will b my last blog of 2009..
only less than 24 hours for us to fly to 2010! how fast it is!
i'm very happy could pass this year (successfully? haha)
first of all, wanna thx my God for all the love He has given to me in every second n every moment of my life..
w/o Him i'm not sure, i'm still here today, writing this blog with all my family sleep peacefully by my side.. :)

then, to end the year, this fantastic year if i can say,
the year that i enter uni,
the year that i realize how important it is to have friends by my side,
the year that fly to fast, to fantastic to pass, to go trough n to leave behind..
but its L.I.F.E..
time flies, we grow, n things change..
we must move to the next level, keep the positive attitude,
n make resolutions! haha..
have u made it??

i have..u can see it, in my previous blog.. :)
of course u may not only write it, then forget it. (this also apply to me! haha)
Resolution must motivate us and help us become better n better..
i wish all of us to get the best in every aspect of our life.
keep faith in God.
give thx for everything.

yeahh..give thx..i also realize this one as a very important thing this year.
have u thx God today that u have family by your side?
have u thx God today that u can walk, sit n breath?
have u thx God today that u have brother or sister in ur life?
we often forget to thx God for something that seems "little" , or " usual" , n seems like "everybody" can have it.
soo, don't forget to thx God from now on.. :)
n u will realize how much he LOVES u...

btw, i often feel lonely..
today, i read one of my friend's facebook status
" when you feel LONELY, try to be someone for OTHERS" : ) n
"when you feel LONELY, it's doesnt mean you are ALONE, you HAVE GOD, FRENs : )"
they touched me so deep,then i feel better after read n think of those stat. :)
remember these...and u will smile all along 2010 ..hehe..

above all..
L.O.V.E everyone that makes my life, so colorful..

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