Rabu, 28 April 2010


No one love or even like to say good bye, right?
even it's for good sake, there'll always b a sad feeling even it's just a lil' bit.

That's happen to me.
hmmm..i "quit" from teaching my accounting students.
actually it's not the exact "quit".
but, i just can pray n hope for the best .

today's pic is a stack of pancake, with slices of mangoes and strawberries as the toppings.
mangoes n strawberries are sweet n sour fruits.
they're like my teaching experience, especially accounting.

sometimes it's so sweet,they r very friendly, we r just like friends, not teachers n students, often sour : n it's often tiring n made me gone mad.
but when it "comes" the time for me to "quit", it feels hurt inside, sad n hard to say good bye to my students.
many things happened in these four months , i taught them, from "zero" to something, from students become friends, n they r the first group of my accounting students!
even they often made me feel wanna shout, from now on, i'll really miss to teach them again in the class.

something i can't say in front of u with a smiling face , friends :
"Good Bye . n wish u all the best."

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