Sabtu, 27 Maret 2010

FUN day with the CUTE babies!

hihihi,..i'd never met a bunch of cute international babies in one time!
n today was my first time!
i worked as "penerima tamu" ( i don't know what it's in English, haha) at The Peak Apartment in Sudirman, they held internal easter party n eggs hunting. woohoo!
these r the pics!

This's the stage

this is the entrance of the hall where i stood..hehe..

me n norahh..the german girl..Her eyes r soooo beautiful , like u can see all the inside of her eyes!

Hugo, today is his birthday! what a coincidence..happy birthday Hugo.. Happy one year Old :)
In the pic, He's hug by a bugs bunny, ..he like it so much, n kept on chase after it, n hug i wanted to say to him, "just bring it home as ur bday present!" haha..His dad is so charming ><

This is Ale, the Italiano. He is so handsome, n everyone kept on chasing him, n hug him n took the pics of him, include me! haha..

Ale n Julie, the Swedish Girl, she is so cheerful n enjoy all the game. haha.

Close up of Norah. She has an elegant baby sitter,i wonder whether the baby sitter go along with her if she go back to German.. haha.. i want to go there too! btw i played "ciluuk=ba" with her. (what do u call ciluk - ba in English? haha.)

chubby Hugo..hihi. i forgot to take the pic of his charming dad!

Zoe. i thought she is Japanese. hm..

Keiji, The Japanese.

me n Julie. She has a baby sitter who was at the end of the party ask me like this " can i have one pic?" i thought that she want a pic of me n Julie . but she came near to me, n gave the phone to her friend to capture me n her. ha? with me? i'm shock. who she tought i am? strange.

Ale n his take-home balloons! yes, he took them home! haha.

my egg cookies! haha.. i was so serious when colored it, because when i was a kid, there's nothing like this! haha.. ><

i enjoyed this job so much.
they didn't cry out loud, like many babies do when in the crowd n meet the clowns.
the baby sitters all seems like love the children so much.
hope i could meet them again someday! :)

cyn :)

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